Used shoes wholesale 20 or 40 ft container for Africa

Grade C Used Shoes (possible to use) appropriate product for Africa-0,28€/ kg

Grade B used shoes selection for Africa-1,55€ /kg

Highest Quality Used Shoes Grade A- 2,58€/kg

Single Shoes Africa & Pakistan-0,08€/kg

Used bags all types-0,22€

In this offer is possible to mix the products,because they are coming from the same European used clothes warehouse.

Minimum order is 2oft container which can fit 8000 kg of used shoes (if only shoes inside)

The 40ft HC fits 18500 kg second hand shoes. Usually when the loading is mixed it will contain little bit more kg.

Buy Now-Used Shoes Wholesale

If you like to ask about the products from this secure source, just post your comments or questions leaving a reply below.

The goods from this offer are available to be loaded with the ones from offer nº2

Offer nº1

16 thoughts on “Wholesale Second Hand Shoes Offer

  1. Hei
    this is eve,
    am interested in being your argent in Uganda by selling used shoes, kindly send med a quotation for 20ft to start with
    that is grades A and B, the nearest port I think is Mombasa.

    1. Hello Eve,
      Please check our prices in the Order page, this way you will be able to prepare orders for your future final clients. Please concider that we don’t respond numerous questions before real order deposit is done.

  2. Hello sir.
    How are you. I’m africa + pakistan grade mix interested with your used shoes. i hope will get the contact.

    your email has been deleted from me. Your email will be waiting

  3. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing single shoes and other sorted used clothing for Pakistan market. Please let me know the availability and send me pricing details.

    Arif F.

  4. I’m intrested in everything secondhand A&B etr all grades need items details and pictures or videos or full details required for inspection any quantity will buy them please contact me as soon as possible

  5. How much will it cost for shipping 20ft and 40ft of A Grade second hand cloths container to mombasa port.
    I want to buy A grade of men Tshirts, track suit with top, men cotton trousers and men shirts

  6. Hello Roamy,
    You don’t need to worry about customs cleaning for used clothes orders. From the part of the supplier we arrange all documentation till your destination port. Later you will have at least about one month to find custom clearing agent (preferable experienced company) situated and dedicated professionally in shipping and forward in Africa.

  7. Hi there after one buys your items, how does it work with customs?I`m not planning to fly to Africa so I`d like to be informed how clearing the customs work.
    Thanks for a really good offer.

  8. I am interested in second hand cloths for summer male and female , children and adults. Also shoes.
    Please I will need in small quantities to start with.
    Please give me your prices including shipment

  9. This Kamil Sh. I am located in USA shipping used shoes in wearable condition to Pakistan. These shoes has to be without trash and no winter long boots and no heel above2 inches. I am interested in SINGLE SHOES and Paired B grade shoes of the same category. Looks like uou are huge suppliers. Can you offer me 0ne or 2 containers a month?
    If so please state your price FOB your port of shipment. My Firm is located in Virginia USA and name is Shafonyx International.


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