Video Used Shoes and Wear Export & Wholesale

We have decided to upload videos in this page because of the interest in our activity – used shoes and wear wholesale. Is very comprehend to give a chance/ have possibility to see from where the clients buy. When the people buy entire containers is understandable desire to check how is the stock or the store. The best way is to visit the warehouse. If you don’t have a chance,than the video or the images are one opportunity. The video or images don’t guarantee the quality or the grade of the ordered stock.

We have discussed this topic already with many of out clients. In this sense we recommend to ask for pictures,videos or visits just before loading of the used shoes or clothes. The stores receive and sell permanently their commodity. That’s why they can’t guarantee that the used wear in the pictures or in their videos are the ones which will be loaded for your order.


3 thoughts on “Video Warehouse used shoes and clothes export and wholesale

  1. Dear Sales Team,

    i am German seller and i am searching for 2nd hand clothes for sell them in Germany.
    Do you ship to Germany and do you have costumers here already?

    Can you send me some pictures and price lists please?
    What is the minimum order weight in kg please?

    Best regards

    1. Dear Julian our min. order is 20ft container. You can see details in order page. Thank you
      Customer Support

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