Bales of used clothing wholesale

The used clothing wholesale marketplace for bulk second-hand clothes and shoes is an innovative idea of our team. With this service, we would like to answer the usual question “Where can I buy bales of second hand clothes”.
From another part, the suppliers are able to do bulk sales of their second hand clothes and shoes. This service can help the wholesalers to find real buyers of used clothing lots and second hand shoes.
We consider that this page will be very useful for both-bulk buyers of second-hand clothes and used clothes warehouses.

bulk used clothing wholesale

Offers of used clothing wholesale. Buy bulk  bales

( Just click the post title or the comment link to ask or to see the entire offer ). -Please don’t send any personal data in your comments-

cream used clothes for woman

Mixed or A & B Grade used clothes and shoes

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB Our overseas offer includes used wear and shoes with top quality and the best available prices in the wholesale market. A Grade Shoes on 2,00 €  (2,35 $) B Grade shoes on 1,36€  (1,61 $) The goods can be mixed in one order as per request. […]

man used wear A grade

A & B grade high quality recycled wear

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB B grade used clothes pack in 45-55 kg. Price 0,85€ Content-all type ladies,children and man wear and rumage in very good condition. A Grade Quality second hand clothing LCD Ladies cotton dresses 45 / 55 kg 1,54 €/kg LCB Ladies cotton & silk blouses – 1,37. […]

children used clothes A grade 1

High quality original credential clothes and charity stock

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB High quality used credential & charity clothing and shoes 100% UK origin –Original Used Credential Clothing and shoes fom UK 0,79 £. –Highest Quality Door to door collection original used clothes and shoes wholesale from UK 1£. –Excellent Quality Original Charity second hand clothing UK origin […]

used clothes export Pakistan

European origin wear and rummage Pakistan

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB Used clothes and rummage for Pakistan Price list ( in € ) used clothing Pakistan: HHR 0,17 Track suit 0,07  (100% mix colored cotton) Original White 0,27 Sweater 0,12 Shirt 0,17 Hard toys 0,73 Children rummage 0,17 Flannel 0,07 Inst.unsorted rags 0,02 Jeans pants 0,05 Leather […]

Loading tropical mix Benin

Tropical mix summer used wear

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB Tropical Mix Africa Tropical mix used clothes for Africa -0,17€. The product includes mix of all genders and different types of summer used clothes. Selected Second Hand Clothes B Grade-0,54€ Both grades of used clothes can be loaded together with the products of offer nº1. They […]

Loading used shoes Sierra Leone

Wholesale Second Hand Shoes Offer

Post a message Contact Us Customer protection️ Load FB Used shoes wholesale 20 or 40 ft container for Africa Grade C Used Shoes (possible to use) appropriate product for Africa-0,28€/ kg Grade B used shoes selection for Africa-1,55€ /kg Highest Quality Used Shoes Grade A- 2,58€/kg Single Shoes Africa & Pakistan-0,08€/kg Used bags all types-0,22€ […]


How does the marketplace works

We ensure easy, secure contact and order between verified bulk wholesaler and buyer:

You just need to post a comment and our team will enter in contact with the used clothes warehouse. We will prepare your order and clarify your questions. Here you can find verified used clothes manufacturers from Europe. Our market platform works with the most important European warehouses. We represent bulk second-hand clothes manufactures from Spain, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, USA, Australia.

More information about the used clothes wholesale market conditions

Please Read the Information below:

Interested to buy used clothes? Our conditions are created especially to defend buyers’ interests. We are able to help in the wholesale process, shipping, and on-site verification.

Basically offers two ways of collaboration:

-Contact and confirmation of the order placed with the used clothes warehouse. Our platform is a guarantor for the successful and secure operations between buyer and seller. This option cost 3% of the EXW order.

-Complete monitoring and control of your wholesale order, before, during and after loading in the warehouse. May include on-site check-in the countries Spain, UK, France, and Bulgaria. Help in shipping quotes, documentation, goods quality and loading. This service costs 5% of the goods EXW value.