Excellence in Customer protection process & customer support

customer protection & support
SHE achieves almost 92% customer satisfaction during the 2017.
Detailed pool results in % for 2017 :

Support- 96,2
Products- 93,1
Price- 88,4
Procedure- 90,2

Our new customer interest protection program includes:

Easy Order in just 2 steps

1)Proceed to Paypal or Bank Deposit.
3)Receive our confirmation for forwarding ability and pay the rest of your order by Paypal or bank wire.

Live recording of the freight procedures

When you order you can receive video or live pictures of your loading.

PayPal (payment protection) enabled to start the purchase procedure

Why we are integrating Paypal:
-Possibility to send your order deposit with 0 commissions if you use the option “send money to family & friends.”
-PayPal guarantees the buyer and seller protection.
-Fastest and most secure payment method in the world.
-Ensures fast order process.
The Paypal enabling is an important step in our new custom protection program. With this payment system you can guarantee your order in just 5 minutes. Besides the protection ,both sellers and buyers safe time and money. The initial PayPal payment step increases the order process time line and ensures the rapidity of the customer’s order.

Exceeded payment refund

Usually when quotation for the container is done, the volume of the products is rounded ( ex: 17 000kg; 24500kg,etc). During the real loading the weight can be little bit different than the theoretical in the Quotation. After the purchase SHE refunds the difference to the buyer.

Customs & Freight support

SHE prepare customised freight quotes for any client and supports inquires and information about his loading till the final destination.

Document issuance and verification

You can see all necessary documentation for your import in the FAQ section.

Ordering online

Our clients can order and pay online.

On-site check

If you order from third parties or different store, we can assist you with on-site check to protect your financial interests.