Used Clothes for export to Africa and Packing Lists

Grade A; Grade B

Details used clothes for export to Africa

The quantity of the summer used clothes export to Africa A (or B grade) can be few tones or container-(A grade) to container loading-20 or 40ft ( B grade).
The selection of the used clothes is made carefully without damages- Only A or B grade (Available in both grades ).

Packing List Summer Wear:

Appropiate used clothes export to Africa

Children summer mix
Children mix pants
Boys short
Body woman
Woman Tergal pants
Woman slim pants
Fashion blouse
Ladies fashion skirt
Ladies fashion dress
Cotton underwear
Boy tshirt
Men t shirt
Shirt men
Men short
Jeans men
Men tergal pants
Sport wear
Bed sheet
Lace curtain
Boys shirt
Girls dresses
Girls skirt
Fashion woman
Hand bags
School bags

Packing List Winter Wear :

Winter mix children(0-10)
Children pants(0-7); (10-16)
Jacket Children (10-16)
Tracksuit children(10-16)
Children sweater(10-16)
Leather jacket
Flannel shirt
Mix pants
Men suit
Mix woman
Young Jacket
Classic jacket
Young sweater
Classic sweater
Mix pants
Leather jacket
Leather overcoat synthetic
Sheep coats
Original hair coats
Mix party clothes
Spring clothes
Head scarves
Bed sheet

Additional information

Sorting of the used clothes for export to Africa,Asia and Europe

When the clothes came unsorted they are selected and separated to the appropriate category by quality, type and season. Any item is revised carefully for problems-holes, stains before it’s final sorting.
After the clothes are folded and packed to avoid possible deformations.

Packing of the used clothes

The used clothes can be packed by different way -in plastic bags which weight is approximately 50 kg. The packing of the clothes can be done by client requirement as well. When you order different packing than the original one-take in consideration that the price can be different.

Many times we have questions about the quantity-the content in kg for each bag/bale during the loadings of use clothes and shoes. This question is very often when we receive orders for used clothes. Basically when order or receive Proforma Invoice the correct question should be about the whole quantity of the loading and not about each bag. During the clothes  packing the exact volume and weight never can be known. Any bag can content different iterms which will have different volume  and weight. The kilograms inside the bag are not very important measure because the buyer pays for loading/container and finally the total wear loaded in the container is the only relevant factor.

Helpful Information about used clothes export and loadings

Usually when the Proforma for used clothes or shoes is done the format is like “18 000 kg” or “24 000 kg” and after loading the real invoice should be changed with the loaded quantity of used wear. Depending of the loading process in the store and the products the loaded kilograms in the container are always different. For this reason after sealing of the container the seller should issue the real invoice which has the exact quantity of the loaded products. Later the seller should return the difference between the Proforma and the Invoice.

Used Clothes A Grade Image Gallery:

aaagrade used clothes cream and aaa grade used clothes cream clothes sorted jeans sorted used clothes
woman a grade used clothes a grade man accessories used a grade accessories used clothes a children used clothes a children used clothes A grade children used clothes A grade 1 children used clothes A grade 3 man t-shirt a grade man used clothes A man used pants a grade man used wear A grade pants and sport used wear man a prepared woman used clothes bags a sweater used clothes a underwear a grade

B Grade Used Clothes:

B grade used clothes
b gbrade children clothes

b grade woman

b grade clothes pants and shorts

b grade sorted woman

b grade woman

jeans b grade clothes

sorted b grade used clothes

sorting b grade clothes