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The available quality of the used shoes Africa A,B,C grade images and information:

A grade used shoes

Our category A is checked diligently. The A grade have no holes and spots. The sole is weakly worn and is in excellent shape. This way, we make sure that the quality is suitable for export as A grade.

A grade used shoes images:

B Grade shoes

B grade used shoes are in very good condition with minor defects, spots, without excessive wear.

Both types of quality A & B are shoes,which fits for Africa.The don’t incude havy winter shoes and high heels.

Images A & B quality :

Information or price request

Packing of the shoes: 25kg bags (from 20 to 30 kg each)

Content by gender-for entire container (for loading, but not for any bag of used shoes) : 30% man, 30%children, 40%women

Capacity of the used shoes loading:

-40 ft container up to 18 500kg . The best relation quality/quantity to avoid any damages or smashing the used shoes is 18000 kg.

-20 ft container- up to 8500. For best experience we recommend loadings of used shoes till 8500kg in 20ft container.

For more information check our FAQ Used Products page, for example of loadings see the Example page.

-C grade Used Shoes:

Watch the Video Page for second hand shoes and clothes (C grade is the last one)

Certainly the C grade used shoes are the last quality which are able to wear. The second hand shoes C grade are product searched for West Africa and Pakistan. In reference to the loading,it can be done with 25 or 50 kg bags. The used shoes grade c are paired and mixed (by gender)-man,woman and children.

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