Export Coordinator and Import Broker Services

Export Coordinator Agent. Import-Export Broker Services in Europe.

What Secondhand-Export /SHE/does for your business?

We represent your business interests to avoid losses. The bad experience with providers and the headache during import-export can be escaped. SHE arrange third party check for   product volume and quality.

The result of our export-import broker and coordinator services are economic prosperity for your business and personal benefits  for you.

As export coordinator SHE resolves some of the most important purchasing problems faced from the International buyers and business owners:

-Are you sure that what you pay is what you receive with your container?

-Convinced that you buy the product at the right price?

-Do you like to be introduced as the most important client for your supplier and forget for the stress and possible fraud consequences?

SecondHand-Export creates a supplier-buyer relationship that brings you real profit and tranquility during all import-export procedures.

We have a magic way to make you known as one of the most important buyers and to scale your business in the next level.  Just in few days, SHE will convert you in the most important and desired client for your seller.

-Already in trouble?

SHE will help you to bring your case in the  International Business Court as part of the International Chamber of Commerce.

-Relying on our experience as a sourcing agent SHE reduces stress, insecurity, and all risks when you purchase from a new provider.

-No more bad surprises when you receive your container. The quality and quantity of your merchandise will be exactly as you expect and even more you don’t need to control any detail.

Stop losing money and be sure of your investment using our import broker service. We aim to give you the best price, right product quality,  actual freight information and shipping help.

-As well we can guide you in any purchase, import-export and business process to control and optimize your investment.

Basic import problems

-For precaution always think about how do the seller can amplify his profit and reduce yours?

Quality of the stock

Even you see pictures of the product you can’t be sure that the provider will send you the same. You can send someone to check the stock. If this checking control is not during the loading there is no way to know what exactly the manufacturer/store ownerships to you.  The quality is the most common problem regarding our experience until now. If you have a possibility always try to check the provider premises and history. If you can’t visit his business do everything possible to ensure your import agent presence.

Quantity of the order
Usually, when the container passes the custom the weight and the volume should coincide exactly with the shipping invoice. The container can pass if the stock is less than in the invoice but never if the weight is more. This fact means that the seller can send you less stock but never more than in the final invoice. The problem can be resolved very easy if the provider sends you the difference of the money between Proforma Invoice and Real Shipping. Sometimes the difference between loading and Proforma can’t be avoided. Especially if the stock consists of different products. In these cases, you should be patient and ask the seller to transfer you the amount.

Export control agent service which works

One of our basic weapons is to establish a very special relationship with your provider. We know from experience that if such a relation doesn’t exist you can have really big troubles when your purchase.  As export broker and coordinator we have professional solutions that avoid the difficult situations when   import products.

Another cornerstone is the impeccable paperwork and third party business verification which should be done before any money transfers. The third-party verification and product quality control makes the difference between profit or loss. Sometimes companies that buy periodically similar  products do not pay attention. They believe that if there were no problems, there would not be any in the future purchase.

The physical presence during loading can impress the seller but probably is not the best solution for any situation.

What our agent services cost?

When we approve your request you will receive details how can we help you-as export coordinator or you need other B2B services. When both parts agree for the conditions you should pay 5% of the proforma invoice value (purchase or order value). If you need help with the shipping than the paid % will be for the proforma with the shipping costs.

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  1. Hello,
    I want to buy 20ft Clothes and shoes and send it to Democratic Republic of Congo but i live in Finland. How can i buy send send it and how legit/safe that the property? Thank you.

  2. hello sir.
    How are you. I’m interested your used clothes and pair shoes & singal shoes africa+pakistan.
    I have done you currently on whatsApp. But you’re not ON.
    I hope then contact me.

  3. hello, sir I want to know the prices of single shoes and pair shoes also if you can send shipping price to Pakistan if you have new picture for shoes thanks

    1. Hello dear
      Can you will send price list for every thing you have for Pakistan and Afghanistan
      Can you will also send your UK address please thanks

      1. Hello Aziz,
        We have received your message and we will respond you asap by email.Thanks for your interest and luck in the business with the used shoes !

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    1. Hello Alexandre,
      My french is not very good ,but between spanish and english,what I am understanding you need creame and A grade used wear. I don’t think that B grade will be suitable, if is for the french market. We will send you the highest quality price list. Thank you !

    1. Hello Agha,
      we are taking note to respond you in 24H. We was moving the main office and we had other changes…been so busy we are very sory to delay our answers! Thanks for your understanding !

  5. Dear Sir,
    My name is Adam Yussif, secretary of ….located in Kumasi Ghana.
    We are one of the leading used shoes dealers in kumasi Ghana and we will want to do business with your company. I came across you company on the internet was very happy with your products. I will be glad if you can reply me with your price list per kilo, payment terms and conditions etc.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Adam Yussif

    1. Dear Adam,Thanks for your message. From today we promise to respond at least in 24 to 48 H to any message.
      About the used shoes we are preparing the email to you and you will received tomorrow.
      Thank you again !

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