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About the company

SHE activity started in 2011 in Spain as a provider and wholesaler of used shoes and second-hand clothes. Thanks to our experience we have created a lasting relationship with customers and reliable manufacturers. The high quality of the products and the correct services are our priorities.

From 2018 Secondhnad-Export.eu starts with new and innovative business approach-Used Clothing Wholesale Marketplace & Customer Protection Program. We hope to give a real and practice solution for many buyers of second-hand clothes.

Our actual company Mariyani Group is successor to Mariana&Yanko SL and it is a holding company connected with the top European stores for used clothes and shoes. Our company operates mainly in Spain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and the Scandinavian countries. Based on our 10 years of experience and long-term connections we are flexible in providing different items at the best market prices.