Make Wholesale Order of Used Shoes and Clothes

Please be aware and do not undertake any payments or similar actions if you don’t have confirmation from: info @ secondhand-export. eu !

How to make fast wholesale used shoes and clothes orders?

Dear Customer, due to a large number of requests to be able to respond to you with the highest priority please deposit your used shoes / used clothes order using the form below.



With the tool “DEPOSIT YOUR ORDER” you get the following advantages:

-Priority before any other questions and orders, processed by standard methods. You will be contacted in 48h to discuss the details of your order.

-VIP Order Online-Our Team Will Contact you in 48h

-When you make the deposit for your order you will get automatically a direct email address and WhatsApp/Phone/Viber Contact of our Customer Support. exports all qualities of the common used shoes and clothes items. For this reason at this stage is not important what is your product and quantity. The deposit is used to start the export process. When you finish this step we guarantee the completion of your order. If for any reason we can’t complete the export procedure of your order in 1 month. Your deposit will be sent back to you by the same method you paid before.

Please Note!


When the order is ready for export you should complete the total payment. Please do not proceed with any deposit if you don’t agree with this condition

Only Container Orders are Available

Information About Loading Weight:

Before order it will help you to calculate

what is your total order value to complete before export:

-20 ft conainer clothes- 11 000kg
-20 ft conainer shoes- 8 000kg
-40 ft conainer clothes- 24 000kg
-40 ft conainer shoes- 18 000kg


-Deposit Your Order Online with Bank Transfer:

You will receive an email from us in 48h to check your contact details and start the export procedure


-Deposit Your Order Online with PayPal:

20ft-40ft Container Order Deposit

How is Working:

· We accept only container orders

· Deposit your order with PayPal payment. When is processed you will have automatic answer with contact details to use for the next steps of your export procedure completion.

· Reservation with Bank Transfer. You just need to send us the document, confirming your payment. The real purchasing process starts when the payment is confirmed by our bank. At the same moment when you attach your file and send the form, you will open the page with the contacts you will need for future contact with our team.

Used Clothes and Shoes Order Reservation Concerns:

Guarantees. The deposit of your order guarantees that: your order will be finished no matter what is the quality and the type of the unit: 20 ft or 40 ft container. We do not admit smaller orders.
Money balance. Your payment deposit is just to save your order and will be discounted from your total payment which will be calculated exactly with our Proforma.
Process. The deposit you pay is necessary as a guarantee that you will order and we will complete the quantity and the exact quality of the mentioned goods in the form. When we complete and check the order you will be informed and you will proceed with the final payment of the due balance.
When we export your order. Usually, the orders are completed in a time frame: 2 to 3 weeks.
-Shipping & Freight. Paying a deposit does not oblige you to use our shipping services. You are free to choose freight, export, shipping, or custom services. Despite this we recommend you to use our freight providers for cheaper and faster export procedures.

-We Do Not Send Invitations for Visa.
-Please read carefully FAQ ,Terms of Use and Payment Conditions.
-We work only with real buyers.

For not priority questions, use the contact form below.