We receive many questions about the used wear and shoes,here you can find some of the answers:

How much is the shipping
-The shipping costs depend of your destination and sometimes the shipping companies changes their price lists depending of the season or becouse of own internal regulations.Usually the shipping and transportation costs for 1- 40ft container are about 2000 to 3000€.

I like to see the stock

You always can see the stock.Before coming you have to remember to make appointment with us becouse the store is situated in about 60km from Alicante and usually is complicated for the client to go directly from the Alicante airport.

What is the quality of the wear
-The quality is the same like you see in the description and the images of the product.Generally the Grade marks the quality.

How and when the buyer have to pay
-We receive payment only by bank transfer.
-The prepayment should be done when the buyer receive Quotation or Proform Invoice and the balance is due before shipping before the Commercial Invoice is issued from the seller.
-Please note that the Commercial Invoice is an official document and can’t be issued before entyre payment
-We can’t ship or send original Invoice before payment clearense,but you can see the stock before payment.

Important for orders from PAKISTAN


ORDERS FROM PAKISTAN WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER COMPLETED 100% PAYMENT BEFORE KEEPING THE STOCK. In this cases we confirm and keep the availability of the goods from the moment of payment till receiving the balance.
What documents are necessary:
-After your order you will need some specific documents to release your container to the port of destination.
Depending of the country of destination there can be different requirements.
Usually you can release the container with:
-Bill of Lading / or copy/
-Commercial Invoice
-Packing List /Only if there are no enought details in the Invoice/
It is your duty to check with the port autority and the customs if you need only copy of the documents or the originals,also you have to check about other possible documents required depending of the country of discharge.

Future connections with the companies worked with us
-We wish to establish durable business connection with all our clients.