Loading shoes,loading used wear.

Container Loading Examples


Loading Container 20ft
fit/ 8011kg shoes-Freetown,Sierra Leone

Loading Sierra Leone


Loading for Unitrade- Cotonou Benin Tropical mix
Big bales tropical mix wear: 24 398kg

Loading tropical mix Benin



Loading Mixed Wear Cameroon

Content: Used Shoes,Used Sheets,Used Towels,Used bags+Belts
Douala-Cameroon 40ft:
-15 886kg. used shoes
-1 114kg bags and belts
-1 385kg towels
– 367kg sheets
Total loaded container full: 18752 kg


Loading Used Shoes Togo
Used Shoes: 16 356kg
Used Bags: 1 119 kg
Total loaded container full: 17 475 kg

used shoes loading Lome-Togo



Loading Used Shoes & Tropical Mix
Exported to Tema/Ghana: 19 605kg.
40 ft HC: Tr.Mix B Grade 30 bundles Tropical Mix B grade 12981kg+ 236 bags 6624kg Shoes B Grade.

Loading Ghana


Loading Used Shoes Lome/Togo :15.591kg
Bags and Belts 607kg.
Loaded Total: 16 198kg.


Loading Mixed Wear Pakistan 
40 ft.container-22000kg / Karachi
CONTENT: -Mixed Rumage Winter 14 bundles 4800kg -HHR
14bundles 4800kg -Mixed Quilts, Pillow, Blanket 14bundles 4800kg
-Mixed White Cotton Uncut 3 bundles 1200kg
-Tracksuit, Jogging multicolor 14 bundles 4800 -Towel uncut 4 bundles 1600kg

Loading Pakistan

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