Second Hand Clothes & Shoes for export to Africa and Asia /SHE/ offers wholesale of used shoes for export and quality used clothes. We are a second hand clothes and shoes supplier. We are providers and clothing wholesalers for Africa and Pakistan. SHE works in second-hand shoes wholesale & export as a supplier since 2011.

Learn here about the different qualities of used shoes for export to Africa.

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Single shoes information – pictures and details.

Second Hand Clothes Wholesale Europe

Likewise, SHE is a second-hand shoes and clothes supplier, exporting impeccably to the final destination. offers used shoes wholesale and clothes export based on warehouse products exclusively from Europe.
Our goal is to maintain our activity as one of the main European used shoe export dealers.
For the used shoes wholesale activity, we proceed with quality selection. When we receive the original unsorted shoes and used clothes we prepare the grades of the products. Depending on the actual orders the goods are selected by gender, quality, or we export them mixed.

Take a look at the quality of our second-hand clothes wholesale in Europe:

Premium Quality used clothes images and information

Other Qualities second-hand clothes complete information and pictures. Grade A, B.

Tropical mix clothes


Product quality and export procedure

The women’s second-hand shoes do not include high heels unless the client orders them. As well we pack in 25 to 30 kg bags to avoid deformations. Many times we have been asked to load the container to the max. volume by all means. To avoid deformations and protect the product we don’t overload the containers. During the used shoes wholesale & export in Africa we follow a prudent loading process. Also one of our big advantages is to work with trademark surplus stock warehouses.


Defending the buyer’s interests for free

-As an experienced wholesale used shoe supplier and second-hand clothing exporter, we are able to offer the best prices and services.

-Secure order-you always can check the stock before or during the freight.

-On the other hand, our staff takes care of each freight operation with agents presented in the warehouse.

-SHE clients get the best shipping rates using our experienced custom agents. Moreover, you are free to use your own services if you like.

-We take care of all shipping documents to be perfect during and after loading when your container arrives. /BL-Bill of Lading, Original Invoice, Waiver-BSC, Eur 1./

-As well we prepare the original invoice with the correct Incoterms method. This way we avoid additional VAT charges when the container is already at the port of the consignee.

-Also, SHE offers the widest choice of stock selecting the best option for our buyers.

-Another advantage is the permanent, long time relation with our clients.

Besides wholesale used shoes for export to Africa and Pakistan, you can check here for used clothes. We manage all shipping and export procedures. The main % of used clothes wholesale and second-hand shoes we export to Africa. Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone, East Africa, and Pakistan are the main destinations.

Other reasons to choose SHE warehouse services

-Our loadings are measured and checked-clothing quality and quantity.
-In fact, as our client, you can reserve monthly loadings to ensure regular supply.
-We always pass the customs exactly as should be for any container.
-The shipping port for export is Valencia and we manage all documentation, trajectory, and loading process.
-Also, SHE sends all documentation via express mail to the client.
-Possibility to export a few containers of used shoes and clothes per month.
-In addition, SHE offers flexibility and the best relation price/quality for the export of used shoes and clothes.
-Actually, we work with CIF or even more with CFR Incoterms -Cost & Freight to the port of destination. Alternatively by client request is possible to prepare the shipping-CIF. (Cost, Insurance and Freight).


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If you need help please check our FAQ Section

In the FAQ section, you can find very useful information for questions related to the way of payment, documents, and shipping to your port. The shipping charges are different for any country and season.


Wholesale advantages as shoes and clothes suppliers

-Second has its own agents in Europe in the countries Spain, Bulgaria and the UK.

-First of all, SHE cares about the wholesale orders and the total satisfaction of our clients.

-Furthermore, we maintain the best prices in the second-hand shoes export and used clothes market. As a result of our optimized organization and 100% dedication, we achieve affordable final prices. As well our team is in charge personally of the buyer’s order. In addition, we keep contact with our buyers even when the second-hand clothes have arrived. Therefore SHE ensures completely all import documentation to avoid fines or problems in the destination port.

-The client is welcome to check the quality of the order.

-If your company is the final buyer and you sell the goods yourself you will get our assistance for free.

-SHE fights for the best wholesale used shoes and clothes price/quality.

-We can mix different types of used goods proceeding from different destinations. For example, you need shoes from one destination and clothes from another. In this case, we can help you to arrange the difficult shipping process.

-As a result of our experience, the export-import process is easy and safe.

-Besides our solid connections make it easy and secure the purchase and the delivery to your destination port.


After your order

-When we receive your request we send you an answer by email or by phone/WhatsApp. Besides, you can visit the used shoes & clothes warehouse to prove the goods.
-Moreover when you proceed with an order, then we prepare a detailed proforma invoice. Thus you can see all the details, prices and wholesale terms.
-In fact, clients usually have two options. 1) To reserve the stock with a deposit. 2) To pay directly if they need urgently the used clothes or shoes.

How the order procedure works for agents

SHE maintains its own agents and local managers to meets the highest requirements of the platform’s clients. When our client contacts us we are notifying him for the actual condition of the goods-quantity, quality and time to start the wholesale process. We agree with the order terms of the wholesale and the export details.
At the moment we have all the information ready and confirmed the wholesale of used clothing and shoes starts. At this moment the buyer already knows all about his order. Shipping and freight charges, the total amount of the order, processing time and all additional charges.

To confirm the used shoes and clothes wholesale order the buyer pays from 3% to 6% of the EXW value. When the payment is 6% then 3% is completely and immediately refundable from the seller. The rest of the 3% is the platform commissions. Which may include on-site check, communication, help with the documents arrangement, assistance and defend of the buyer’s interests.

The initial % amount of confirmation depends on the order origin and agreement between the SHE platform and the owner of the goods.

In case you work as an agent we are creating used clothes networks with local managers in each country on a commission basis. If you are interested you can send information about your activity and what is your opinion about this project in your country.

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A Grade

used shoes wholesale europe & export A gradeA grade
second hand shoes warehouse export A grade
export and wholesale used shoes Africa A
B Grade:
Europe wholesale B grade used shoes and exportAfrica B grade wholesale
export used shoes africa B
used shoes africa export grade Bused shoes export B
warehouse and wholesale used shoes africa Bused shoes grade B africa
Single- Africa & Pakistan
used single shoes wholesalewarehouse used shoes pakistan-single
single shoes
pakistan unpaired,warehousesingle shoes selection

Used Shoes Export-Product Images

loading 2012

used shoes sellection

used shoes bag opened

second hand warehouse shoes for sport

single used shoes

Loading used shoes Sierra Leone,clothes export

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Alternatively, we can help you with Agent and Export Coordinator / Import Broker Services. SHE assists as an agent or broker to control and protect your business with the same willingness as you do.