Used shoes export,wear and bags

Selecting by customer requirement used shoes export

We aim to provide the best relation  quality/price wear

Used shoes export and used wear target market is the African continent,Pakistan and India. As well we are suppliers for another European companies,exporting to the final destination.

Our services includes the recycling of the wear,shoes and bags. We Export to Africa,Asia-Pakistan and Europe. The biggest % of our  used clothes  goes to Cameroon,Togo,Benin, Ghana,Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

Why choose our company

-Our loadings always are prepared,measured and checked regarding your needs.
-To pass the customs always exact and correct for any container exported from the store .
-We take care for the loading,freight and shipping.
-The shipping port for the loadings is Valencia and we manage all trajectory and loading process.
-To send all documentation via express mail to the client.
-Availability to supply about 55 000 kg of used shoes and 120 000kg of used wear.
-Flexibility and best relation price/quality.


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Please check our Terms of use and FAQ for questions related to the way of payment and the transport to your country. The shipping charges are different for any country but depends also from the period when you load container.If we send you shipping offer within the proforma Invoice you should see ( or ask ) for the period till this offer is valid.

About the company

Our activity have started 2010 with export of used shoes,used wear and used bags. During the last years we have created a lasting relationship with customers and reliable manufacturers.
First of all we think that for best service we should know the client’s needs and problems.
As professional team we learn and use in practice all knowledge obtained from our experience. That’s why we consider important the experience of our partners-colegues,shippers and final clients.


Used Shoes Export Gallery


used shoes loading selection 2012

used shoes export sellection

used shoes bag opened

used sport shoes

single used shoes export

Loading used shoes Sierra Leone


Used Wear Export Gallery


multicolor pakistan

multicolor Pakistan

used wear bales

bales wear

big bags wear

prepared for loading