Used shoes for export to Africa & Asia

Second hand clothes and bags for export

Used shoes for export-provider and manufacturer for Africa and Asia. Secondhand-export /SHE/is supplier and seller, exporting impeccable to the final destination.

Our products-used shoes and wear proceed exclusively from Europe. High quality selection is done after receiving the original unsorted shoes, wear and accessories. The women’s used shoes do not include high heels unless the client order them. As well we pack the shoes in 25 to 30 kg bags to avoid deformations.

When we proceed used shoes export Africa and Asia we take care about prudent loading process. SHE recommends to avoid very high loading volume of the containers to prevent smashing of the used shoes. Our Big advantage is that we work with trade mark surplus stock wholesale suppliers. By this way we ensure excellent quality used shoes and wear.

Besides used shoes for export to Africa and Asia you can check her for used clothes . We manage all shipping and export procedures. The main % of used shoes and wear we export to Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

If you need different commodity we can help you with Agent Services and Export Coordinator / Import Broker Assistance . SHE can assist you as agent or broker to control and protect your business with the same willingness as you do.

Why choose SHE to import

-Our loadings are always measured and checked. The clients receive the best services either we are shipper or agent.
-We always pass the customs exactly as should be for any container.
-The shipping port for export is Valencia and we manage all documentation, trajectory and loading process.
-The client can reserve monthly loadings to ensure regular supply
-SHE sends all documentation via express mail to the client.
-Possibility to export few containers of used shoes and clothes per month.
-SHE offers you flexibility and best relation price/quality export of used shoes and clothes.
-When we prepare orders we work always using CFR Incoterms -Cost & Freight to the port of destination. By client request is possible to ship as well CIF (Cost,Insurance and Freight).

For help please check our FAQ Section

In the FAQ Section you can find very useful information for questions related to the way of payment, documents and shipping to your country. The shipping charges are different for any country and season.

About the company

SHE activity started in 2010 as providers and sellers of used shoes for export and other kind of second hand wear . Thanks to our experience we have created a lasting relationship with customers and reliable manufacturers. We think that for best service the exporter should know the consignees’ needs. The quality and the correct service are our main priorities.
As a professional team we use in practice the knowledge obtained during our experience. That’s why we consider important the connections between our partners-colleagues, shippers and final clients.

We believe that the trust between seller and consignee is one of the cornerstones . As a result of our experience and assistance the export-import process is easy and safety. Our solid connections make easy and secure the purchase and the delivery to your destination port.

A Grade Used Shoes for Export:

used shoes for export AA grade used shoes
used shoes export Aused shoes A
export used shoes Africa AA grade used shoes Africa

B Grade Used Shoes:

used shoes export B gradeused shoes africa B
export used shoes africa B
used shoes africa export grade Bused shoes export B
shoes africa used Bused shoes grade B africa

Used Single Shoes Africa & Pakistan :

used single shoespakistan shoes single
single shoessingle used shoes
used shoes pakistan unpairedsingle shoes selection

Used Shoes Export-Stock Images

used shoes loading selection 2012

used shoes export sellection

used shoes bag opened

used sport shoes

single used shoes export

Loading used shoes Sierra Leone