19 thoughts on “High quality original credential clothes and charity stock

  1. I’m interested in buying 40ft container of used shoes to Ghana. But before we start business I would like to visit your warehouse first if that ok then please give me full contact and address. Thank you

  2. Hi. I am interested in credential clothing from Australia. Do you have anything available? At what price?

  3. Hello,
    yes please o information
    Package cca 100kg – women s outlet clothing,price,transport etc…..for CZ
    Thank Martin

  4. Hello will like to have more info abt how u operate if u can send me down goods here in Almeria will love if u get in touch as soon as possible .

    1. Hello you can check the prices of our usual items here. If you like to make fast order just use the Order page. Best regards

  5. I’m contacting you from somalia and want to haveread info regarding of your price of a container 20ft+40ft of used clothes +shoes +ladies bags

  6. Hi
    Im from Spain. I want to have info regarding your dor to door and charity second hand clothing as we are retaiers and wholesalers from the city of Valencia.
    Please let me know asap.

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