The Activity of the Company

Our activity includes recycling of used wear,used shoes,used bags and export of the products mainly to the African Continent.The biggest % of the stock we export to:Cameroon,Togo,Ghana,Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

Order Process

When you order we will try to adjust the stock at 100% to your preferences and if you wish we can mix different items-used wear,used shoes and bags in one container.In case you need straight order-only shoes or only wear here you can see example of the container's capacity :

Used Shoes 25kg bags (from 20 to 30kg)
-Capacity 40 ft HC container-up to 18 500 kg
-Capacity 20ft container-up to 8 500 kg

Used Wear-Tropical Mix Big Bales
-Capacity 40ft HC container-up to 24 500 kg
-Capacity 20ft container-up to 12 000 kg

About our services and the process of export

Our loadings are prepared,measured and checked for the desired product quality.The containers pass the customs exactly with the goods and the quantities stated in our invoice thru our regular shipping port-Valencia and all the duties-loading,container freight,shipping is our obligation.We also send all documentation via express mail to the destination

The used wear and shoes are selected to offer the best relation price/quality to our clients.
We have availability to supply about 55 000 kg of used shoes and 120 000kg of used wear yearly

: We Do Not Send Invitations for Visa and if your goal is to contact us for this reason,Please take this in consideration.

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